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December 28th 2009 7:11 pm

PS3 hookup: Any analog to bluetooth adapters?

When I first started reading about these, I seem to remember finding a site where somebody had linked to a bluetooth adapter that converted an analog headset to bluetooth. Using this, the person had supposedly made the headset work with the PS3 as well. It's basically a bridge.

Anybody know of something like this? IIRC, it was a linked to something on Amazon that was about $15. I just can't find it.

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I've been wondering this myself. I've used these with the PS3 (using the optical-out on the PS3) for surround sound in my games, and it works great. The lack of chat in multiplayer games is kind of annoying though. After your post, I went searching for some more information and found this in an Amazon customer review of the X41's:

"One notable change to the X41s is the new talkback cable that is now free of the puck. This new cable is simply 2 standard mic connections with volume control and mic mute on a little box in the middle of the wire. This cable uses heavier wire than the old X4 cable, and seems like it will resist the rigors of use more efficiently. In addition, because they did away with the puck the X41s are now compatible with any headset connection. This means with the right USB adapter and cables the X41 voice chat can be used with a PS3 or PC as well as the Xbox 360. This is really a pretty awesome addition, and one that is not touted on the box."

Interesting! I hadn't thought to try that. Unfortunately, I'm out of town for the holiday and can't verify this at the moment.

One thing that could possibly work though is to search for a "2.5mm to USB" adapter. No guarantees, but after reading that tid-bit from the Amazon customer review, it might be worth a shot!
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If someone tries this and it works that would be awesome to know... I need a new headset (with mic) but cannot afford to spend 179 dollars on something that might only work with the 360... I need something compatible with the PS3 too.
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I just bought the Turtle Beach X41 headphones and so far am very pleased. I used them to play Left 4 Dead 2 with three friends over Xbox live, game chat worked great, headphones give very clear surround sound as promised. Later, I played the Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral 5.1 DVD audio reissue, and it was fantastic.

Tonight, I am going to use them to play Assassin's Creed 2 on PS3, and it got me dissapointed the chat functions won't work with PS3. I too, happened across the Amazon review claiming that they can work over PS3 for chat. I'm surprised that for such a provocative statement, he didn't include any details.

I found another forum, which I now cannot locate again saying that a USB to 2.5mm adapter will work. I did some seaching and found these parts:



for a total of about $6 and what ever shipping is, I figure I'll give it a shot. I'll post back here with the resuts. I intend to plug the XBL chat cable that came with the headphones into the 2.5mm female-female coupler and on the other end the USB to 2.5mm male 6ft cable. Any length issues can be resolved by a USB extender cable (I'll let you know if the 25ft one I have works). Worst case, I'm out a few bucks, best case, I have better than the Tritton counterpart can offer, as for everything other than PS3 game chat, I'm wireless.

While I'm on the subject, I currently use a jawbone 2 for PS3 game chat, and I hate it. Chat quality is poor, and I can't stand to wear the thing for more than a half hour before my ear gets unreasonably sore. It most certainly will not fit under the X41 headphone cups. I wish they had not gone with Bluetooth for chat. Good headsets are pretty expensive, and impossible to know if the fit is right until you get it. In this case, I will sacrifice wirelessness for quality. I don't play on PSN that much any way. XBL is far superior, and most games I want to play online I buy for the 360. That's the main reason I went for the X41's anyway - wireless and XBL compatible.
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That coupler isn't going to work i don't think. it states it works for Mono and Stereo, but it doesn't mention working for data/video, which is what the mic is going to need.

the usb to 2.5mm adapter should work though, so all you need is to cut off the ends and solder together, or find a triple signal coupler.
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Santanaonfire what happened with the 2.5 mm to mini USB? I've been looking forward to your experiment to see if it works. Holla back at the community bro.
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OK, sorry it took me so long to report back, I didn't get the parts
ordered as soon as I wanted to, and the USB to 2.5mm cable came from
china, so that took a few weeks to arrive. Well, the parts I ordered
did not work. The USB to 2.5 I guess is for an MP3 watch and is used
to transfer songs to the watch and PS3 would not recognize it as a
chat device. But, fortuitously, my dogs chewed the earpads off my X41
headset, so I had to order replacements from Turtle Beach. When I got
to the replacement parts page, I discovered they now offer a chat
bundle for PS3 and PC for $29.99. I ordered that along with the
earpads, just got them today. They work great! PS3 immediately
recognized it as a Turtle Beach audio adapter. Just go to accessories
settings to change the input/output type with the USB adapeter plugged
in and you will see the option. The chat cable is really long, so I
don't have a need for a USB extender cable with it. It also has th
mute/volume contol in line with a shirt clip. I highly recommend this

On a semi-related topic, I just discovered a PS3 setting that allows
the system to output HDMI audio and optic audio at the same time. In
my man cave I have to run HDMI audio into the TV because I don't have
a receiver in there, and in my living room, I use optic through my
receiver. It was driving me nuts manually switching the settings! So
for those of you who have a receiver that accepts HDMI audio, or use
your audio through the TV with HDMI, you can keep your X41 head set
plugged in and have it send audio through HDMI and Optic at the same
time! No manual switching of settings!

Personally, I use my head set all the time for my HD cable box, PS3
and Xbox 360. I have all those running into an HDMI/Optic audio switch
box with remote control, so I just have the output from that run into
the headset base, and out from the headset base to the receiver. Now
to use my head set for any one of them, I don't have to get up and
switch cables around, I just change the switchbox channel by remote
and I'm good to go! If you don't have a need for an HDMI/optic
switcher (mine was $129 does 1080p made by HDVIO) you can get an optic
only switcher from Monoprice.com for cheap. I buy all my HDMI and
optic audio cables from there too. You won't believe their prices
($2.49 for a 1080p gold plated HDMI cable) and they have excellent
product quality.
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Alright, I just purchased the PS3 and PC chat adapter for these headphones! Will get it later this week. Looking forward to finally having a working solution. I didn't want to have to pick up a separate set of headphones for my PS3, especially since I really enjoy these things!

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