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October 25th 2009 2:08 pm

PS3 slim and HULU

OK, there has to be someway to get Hulu on this thing?

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There was, you could browse directly there through the PS3's web browser, but Hulu blocked the browser.
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You can sign up for play-on. Thats what I did when Hulu blocked the browser. It works decent for me. You have to update quite a lot. Play-on also supports other stuff like Netflix, Revision 3, etc. In my experience though the Netflix is not streamed in HD though. Hope that helps! The stuff from Hulu looks pretty good on my screen.
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I can't speak for the PS3, but Play-On works flawlessly with my 360. I highly recommend checking out this program.
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Ya, I believe Play-on is the only way outside of putting another OS on there and doing it that way.... (not a hard thing to do on pre-Slim models...) Hopefully, they will pull their head out of their asses and put Hulu on everything!!!
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The pay version of Tversity does it too.

Anyone just install linux on their PS3 to watch Hulu?
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Ohhh, guys....one thing I failed to mention is that I'm using a mac
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Hey there,

There is a MUCH better way to do this, which is also free! Just get any old PC that you can leave hooked up to the internet in your home (I'm using an old laptop with a busted screen...) and then google "kikkoman ps3 hack" and click the first link, it will be titled "kikkoman >> open source"

I'm using this method, it is completely legal, has absolutely 0 negative impact on performance, and was truly relatively easy to do, and I can watch hulu on my ps3 slim without any issues :)
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