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September 18th 2009 5:57 pm

PS3 Slim Controller Blinking lights issue, any ideas?


Ran into an issue with the the PS3 Slim Controller Blinking lights.
- charging for more than 5-6 hrs and then pairing by pressing PS and then unplug but no connection.
- keeps Blinking and then stops - which makes me think it is fully charged and then after a minute or so - starts blinking again.
- tried PS3 Slim poweroff, unplug usb cable and then controller by pressing the reset button on back near the middle screw, but in vain.
- also tried to see if Bluetooth settings had anything to do with it, but in vain...
- it worked fine the very first time out of the box and i charged it and paired it by pressing PS and also used it WIRELESS.!

Note: Controller works fine when connected on usb cable - but miss the wireless aspect of it!....

Any ideas? - almost getting ready to call SONY or stop by in BB for a controller exchange.

thanks in advance.

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Plug the controller in with USB, and power everything on. Once on and connected press the reset button (all still plugged in) then try the wireless pairing again.
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Also, what about interference from another device? Neighbours other systems etc? Please provide info
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