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November 14th 2013 1:24 pm

PS4- Who's got one and what's the top new feature?

So GDGT hasn't updated with PS4 yet but have you? Tell us, is it a Must Have and how so. According to Cnet it's not a major leap from the 3 to 4 graphically speaking. What do you say

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Sony says the failure rate on newly launched PS4 systems was only one percent -which is expected. Go ahead send the 10,000 apologies to the poor lads that stood in line and coughed up their weeks salary.

I'm still waiting to hear of any stand out features that'll convince me to upgrade if there is any. Cheers
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I have one and am loving the free game Resogun honestly. My sons and I are also having a lot of fun with Knack. I like the way it pretty much painlessly transferred over their sub accounts when I liked my master account.
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I hear they make really good heaters after about 10 minutes of use. Good for those cold winter nights of gaming (till it gives you a red light of death that is.)
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Well mine hasn't run too hot but I guess its possible depending on the ventilation conditions people put their system in.
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Yeah, I heard putting it in a microwave and setting it on fire isn't great for ventilation, otherwise it runs cooler and quieter than both the last gen.

[If people didn't get the reference: http://goo.gl/RYzrqs]
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I dont think the PS4 releases at a time that allows for major graphical increases. If 4K TV's had become mainstream then I would expect more from the PS4 on that front however that is not the case.

The PS4 is much more social, works flawlessly with the VITA for remote play (as opposed to the PS3 and PSP), has a much improved DualShock 4 (seriously, its much better that the previous Dualshock) and the system itself was shockingly small (a little larger that the PS3 slim).

There's a bigger push for digital game downloads (which I wont go for) but overall, I think the system is a modest upgrade and should bring a great gaming experience for the next several years.
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Is it truly flawless in cross play with the Vita? Which Vita / PS4 games have you tested? After the poor execution on 3 / PSP, I still have reservations.
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I don't think the graphics are as important as we think they should be. Games need to be engaging, and now even more with the social relations created by the internet.
I've never been a PlayStation guy, so I wouldn't consider it a "must have", but I'm definitely getting a Xbox One (that's my "must have").
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