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PSP phone, quite possibly Android 3.0, Now although this is nothing more then rumor and speculation the pure concept of this is quite profound.

There is no doubt that Android caught on like a wildfire and the pure marketing bliss that every one is riding on with a open sourced OS backed by Google. But the fact that SE and Sony are contemplating a PSP phone has been a rumor for a while but the pure concept of marring Android and on the psp was never thought of. Think of a phone that has access to all of androids apps, and a dedicated psp market with full fledged games, something that only emulators have come close to providing on mobile phones. The only limitation to this would be memory but with Android 2.2 and apps2sd and sony's love of memory sticks, it might be a possibility to save x amount to a dedicated stick to swap in and out easily. Now this is not the type of device I want for many reasons, but this is sure a win for google and Sony. Every android device is going to win if this comes to fruition.

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Sony's been nice and been allowing other card formats so they're not all stuck in their memory sticks. I think this would be the best way for them to combat the emulators so people would think twice before pirating, that there's a legal way of playing things on smartphone devices. I'm sure some would still prefer free. One thing I've been wanting on my Live Wallpaper is that fluid ribbon thingy. Would they also do the whole cross media bar navigation or similar to what they did to Xperia X10? Can't wait to see if this rumor is true or not and what fanboys will try to render how it will look like, both UI and hardware.
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www.engadget.com­/2010­/08­/11­/exclusive­-sony­-ericsso... I guess I could have posted the link
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I agree with this except that if they really want to sell it they have to not only market it really hard (which Sony will undoubtedly do) but there also has to be a wildcard. Like the Iphone 4's hi-res screen/thinnest smartphone aspect. If this thing was waterproof or rugged or had a projector in it or something besides just another Android device that is integrated with a gaming platform. It would still sell, but only to the geeks who would look for it.

I have heard the rumors of an amazing looking screen but that's the logical place to go. I mean something to really make it standout. When I say it won't take off I mean it will be like how the Nexus One was THE Google phone so geeks bought it, but because it didn't have a wildcard, it didn't really take off. Yeah the phone had the highest resolution screen at the time, but that's it.(The marketing was horrid as well, but that's besides the point)

Sony needs to stick out to compete with the market, not just other Android devices. Maybe a built in IR capabilities so it can control everything around you and replace all the remotes in your house right out of the box. Or have an insanely fast chip to be able to fly when hooked up to wifi/4g so they can advertise something like 4 times faster than Iphone 4.

Anybody else agree with me? I love the idea of my Iphone and PSP being just one device, but I would have to manage all of my media (music, movies, photos) using different software than I am used to now, download new apps (more $$$), and all of the money I have spent on extra charging cables, stereo docks, etc would be used a lot less. Sony has to motivate me, not just put it out there...
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