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September 18th 2009 2:53 pm

PSP race off! - Motorstorm vs Gran Turismo on PSP!!

"A tale of two racing games: MotorStorm vs. Gran Turismo for PSP"


sadly, it seems Motorstorm has gotten the best of Gran Turismo this round... its the second thrashing I've read about Gran Turismo PSP so far.... bummer..

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I'm super depressed about GT Mobile. I was looking for a full GT experience on the PSP, not arcade mode with 800 cars. Whoopidy freakin doo. Five years of waiting only to be disappointed. If I want an arcade racer for PSP there's a ton of 'em out there already. Polyphony = waste of my time. (as far as PSP goes)
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I'm with you.. this was one of the games they sold me on back when the PSP came out and, now that its finally here, it turns out to not really be a Gran Turismo game... They have always been about moving up the ranks and getting up to an elite level... This game seems to be about collecting cars with some races thrown in also...
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I still have my PSP-1001 box showing Gran Tourismo as one of the games on the back! HA!
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lol - ya!! thats very depressing.... they were showing promotional stuff for GT Mobile way back when....
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