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January 22nd 2010 5:56 pm

PSPGo Phone

I would totally buy this if they put a phone on it and gave it Podcast support.

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I finally got my hands on a preview model at a gaming store and it felt way too small in my hands, especially the buttons. I don't want one of these at all any more....
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I did and it took a minute to get used to it.

If it was a little bit thinner and touch screen with a usable UI, shoot yeah I'd buy one.
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When I first saw the leaked images of the Go, I thought "OH BOY, a touchscreeen PSP!!11". And after I was disappointed, I finally got a hands-on with one at a kiosk in Best Buy and am glad I didn't bother to look into it any further. I like the thin-ness of it, but actually holding it when it comes to playing games is such an awkward and cramped feeling. Maybe I'm just too used to the other PSP models (I've had each one since the original).
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ya, i love the feel of the original....
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I think if they gave it mobile support, than that would be better than making it a phone. I don't want a phone gaming device - I just want a very portable high level gaming device (which is what the PSPgo offers). I like paying one price for the device and that being it.
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