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June 14th 2013 1:34 pm

Questionable design direction

This looks like an intern's vulgar design project. Gimmicks do not really help a power pro user. So lights turn on when you turn the thing around to get to the myriad ports. The thing is, once I have a machine all setup and wired, I am not going to be messing around behind it - I am going to be using it. That light thing? A gimmick. And round? Seriously? And a move to what appears to be a plastic shell? Might as well be a round HP. Zero points for functional style. What I had hoped for would also have been smaller, but more in line with a metal version of the Sony PS4. And if the Mac Pro is meant to support creatives such as musicians, photographers, and video editors, built in slots for external SSDs, SD cards, and SxS cards would have really delivered on that commitment.

The problem is, Apple has put creatives between a rock and a hard place. Before the Mac Pro rumors starting flying, in an effort to keep up with my increasingly large demands for processing power and GPU bandwidth, I was considering moving back to a Windows workstation even though I despise Windows. Now, if I want to stick with my favored Apple platform, I will need to put this gimmicky piece of cylindrical plastic on my desk, with a spider's web of cables flowing from behind.

I am pretty certain that this machine did not come from Jony Ive's division - more likely driven by the uninformed minds of a marketing department - likely the same ones who brought us v1 of Final Cut Pro X.

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I thought of the vulgar design you mention as well, but my first reaction was that it looks like a trash can. What I had hoped to see would have essentially been something like the Mini, with the option to use Thunderbolt cables to backplane multiple units into a cluster. Then you could have bought more units when you needed more power and the peripherals could have been in a stackable form as well so that the cable situation would not get out of control. That would have been "true innovation" where I find this to be "innovation for innovation's sake." Looks like the Hackintosh community won't be going away any time soon.
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The cluster idea would have been really cool. Kind of reminds me when Apple had Xserve

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Although the design is contested, I imagine you would have the same spider web of cables no matter what machine you use. Windows or Mac.

If you don't mess around behind it much you could totally hide it in a desk with a door in front of it, and never have to see it. Maybe one like this:


Thankfully storage can be expanded with the use of thunderbolt and USB 3, and sd card readers are cheap, and built into the professional dell monitors.
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Until about 3 minutes ago, I didn't honestly believe that was the computer.
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