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Recently purchased this controller last weekend. It is the most solid third party controller i have ever used.

All the buttons/analog sticks are very sensitive which are great for snap movements. The d-pad is pretty good too. You can even change the analog sensitivity on the fly. That said it does take some getting used to. You may even want to reduce your sensitivity in games. I went from a 7 to a 3 in-game but move just as fast if not faster with the controller. The only downside i have is the face buttons. They are in a slightly different position. A bit lower and to the left. Which often leads me to pressing the wrong button. After a while it wont be a problem but for now its a bit of a pain. Speaking of face buttons, there are LB/RB buttons as well. This controller is marketed as a FPS and fighter pad. The fighting part is where the buttons come in. They act as High Kick and High Punch. Since most fighters (in recent memory) rely on six buttons, its perfect. No need to awkwardly use the bumpers to pull of combos anymore! Everything is on the face and of course the d-pad is good. Turbo is there as well. Not much to say but it works on all buttons aside from start/back and it has three different speeds. In the end, this is a really great controller. Initially I almost passed it up because it was third party... how was i so wrong to judge. If you need a new controller for either FPS/Fighting or anything else, check this out.

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