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October 20th 2009 9:31 pm

Relearning the mouse interface (introducing a new problem with hand strain)

Although I haven't tried the magic yet, it appears that you cannot rest your fingers as you would with a normal mouse. If this is true, users will have to strain to hover over the surface until they intend to press or make a gesture. Other thoughts?

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C'mon, be serious. Ok, let's clear this up right now: The (now old) Mighty Mouse also has capacitive touch. It's how they pulled off a two-button mouse with only 1 clickable surface. The difference between the Magic and the Mighty is that the Magic replaces the Mighty's scroll-ball with a touch interface, and also has a few multi-touch gestures thrown in for good measure. No, you won't have to hover over the surface of the magic - hold it like you would any other mouse. The click isn't initiated until you click, and scrolling only happens if you move your fingers around the surface! I haven't used the thing yet, but I'm guessing that, from the initial impressions, Apple has solidified the interface even better than the Mighty Mouse, so concerns such as this are moot.
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Quote from apple.com­/magicmouse :
"It even knows when you’re just resting your hand on it."
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i stopped by the santa monica mac store this week to see the new stuff. and the mouse does in fact know when you are just resting your fingers/hand on it, it worked flawlessly.
BUT i used it for about 15 minutes and that was enough to just say no. 2 finger swiping while holding the mouse in place is awkward, maybe not for smaller hands, but for my bear paws, my hand grew tired of holding and swiping at the same time. and screen zoom, why would i want a multi-touch mouse that requires me to use 2 hands? to have to hold the ctrl key to zoom, is a total failure in my eyes. if you are expecting me to be capable of using one hand to hold the mouse and two finger swipe simultaneously, why wouldn't i be capable of holding the mouse in place with my palm and pinch-zooming?
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The Ctrl + scroll = zoom feature is not new to the Magic Mouse. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was one of the first 'multitouch' features of the PowerBook trackpad--that is, before 'multitouch' really existed. So it's not a mouse-specific feature.

That said, believe it or not, some of us like using Ctrl to modify mouse actions. The first thing I'm going to do when I get this mouse (if it ever comes in!) is disable right clicking. Don't need it.
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my point isn't whether one likes to use the ctrl key or not, my point is if apple is introducing this "revolutionary" multi-touch device which usually only requires one hand for operation but to enjoy full multi-touch must employ the use of both hands, why would i want that mouse? AND then there's the point that it can multi-touch but NOT pinch-zoom like on the iphone AND the macbook and macbook pro trackppads, two separate gestures is inconsistent, especially for apple.
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From what I've seen, it's not so much supposed to be a multitouch trackpad as it is a trackball-less mouse that can, in fact, still scroll. I think that it's really meant to mirror current mouse functionality, Apple advertising notwithstanding.

I think the biggest problem with the mouse is that Apple is mis-branding it as revolutionary. I think it's really just a Mighty Mouse that doesn't suck.
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Yeah, finally a mouse where the trackball doesn't fail after three months.
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It's very comfortable to use. I actually own and use one. No strain. It's a solid piece of design work. Very intuitive.
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