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January 25th 2012 11:52 pm

Reset Nook Simple Touch to firmware 1.0

A BIG thanks to
who posted the following solution. It works. If you have trouble connecting to wifi with NooK Simple Touch, going back to firmware 1.0 may be the answer.

If you do not have a backup of 1.0, 8 interrupted boot processes
will initiate factory reset. Personally, I have had to make it
20+ times before I got it right; in the end my Nook touch(1.0.1 updated)
rolled back to 1.0.

The button on the back of Nook touch is the power button. Keep it pressed long
enough(3-5 secs) and turning off dialog box pops up; if your touch screen is
unresponsive, keep pressing the button even after the dialog box pops up and
eventually it will shut down the device.

Turning on the device is similar: keep pressing the power button, until boot up
screen comes up. If you release the button at that point the device boots up; but
after the boot screen comes up, if you release and immediately push the button
again and keep it pressed the device will seem to be frozen at that screen. This
is an "interrupted boot". You have to do it 8 times without letting the device boot
up in between to initiate system restore(I could never manage it in 8 times, but
more like 20-30 times).

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