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May 19th 2013 8:05 pm

Review of Sades SA-708

First of all above average packaging which is always nice. Comes with lots of stickers with the SADES logo if you want to show off xD. The drivers of the headset are designed to take advantage almost all of the 40mm of their diameter. My ears fit nicely without any sort of discomfort. You will only experience difficulties if your ears are too big. The sound coming out of this headset is great. Haven't noticed any distortions of sound even at full volume plus if you are in a quiet room you can have the headset on your desk at full volume and you can still hear the sound quite clear. The mic will drop a little lower than your lips level so it will avoid the sound of your breath. No complaints from skype friends for the quality of the mic so I guess that tells you it is working alright. Easy controls on the wire with volume control and Mic switch ON/OFF.

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About the mic, I find i have to get the exact right position to get good audio for the mic. but when its right it is amazing
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