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February 27th 2014 4:23 pm

Rooting/Custom Recovery

So, i've been researching information on how to root this Kindle and have found nothing so far. If anyone has any information, please share it here!!!

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Good old XDA has it all
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Found this when looking to root my wife's kindle fire hd
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So you are probably looking for rooting the 7 inch version. I'll give you the instructions here. First off, you WILL void your warranty. I have personally rooted and installed a lightly modified stock version of Android called Cyanogenmod on my own and their is a slight possibility for error to occur. Nonetheless, given how slow and laggy Amazon's Fire OS is and how google's app store is restricted, I personally think the risk is acceptable. Second off, since I don't want to be the guy that destroy's your Kindle; I will need to know what software version you are updated to on the Kindle Fire. You can find this information by going to settings and then checking what the software version is. We can go from their.
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Hopefully this will be able to help u! Make sure you're able to unroot it as well, just in case you need to use its warranty..
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