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November 5th 2009 3:41 am

Running a HD2 WinMo 6.5 TF3D 2.5 ROM on my Touch Pro2...questions?

The ROM I'm currently running on my Touch Pro2 is essentially a tweaked Leo (HD2) ROM hacked for use on the TP2. I guess in a sense that could allow me to answer UI questions about the Leo. Anyone? I've used it for a couple days...I'll post more general impressions this weekend.

Though I can't accurately judge speed, being that the HD2's processor has almost double the processing power than the TP2...

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Ummm.. I'm using the EnergyROM "Leo" by NRGZ28'.
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Prolly a stupid question, but how hard would it be to run Android 2.0 on the TP2 or even the HD2 when it comes out... Is HTC Sense better or worse than the Android UI, in your opinion?
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Android wins. Sense UI is nice, but it's still WinMo underneath. I know that no one from XDA has gotten Android running on the Touch Diamond 2 or the TP2 yet, and I think it'll be awhile, if ever. I want to get Android running on this device myself, but Sense UI is nice. I just know that Android is better.

Sorry it took me so long to respond!
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I'm planning to get a new phone from T-mobile. I was thinking the Blackberry 9700 but now that I'm finding out that rumor has it the HD2 is coming to T-mobile. So you think the HD2 would be better than the Blackberry 9700 software wise?
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I do think so. Here's how I think of all the smartphone OS's though:

Android > iPhone OS & WebOS > WinMo > BlackBerry OS

(No Symbian, I've never used it, so I can't judge)

What I'm trying to say is that while the HD2 is an amazing device (check the engadget.com review) I think you'd be happier off with an Android phone, unless you really wanna stick with WinMo. You may want to base *that* decision off of really checking out your different phone options, but I would recommend the HD2/TP2 over a BlackBerry any day.

Hope this helps!
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