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February 20th 2010 9:34 pm

Running downloaded programs...

When I download a program installer from the internet, say iTunes or Skype, then run the installer, Windows XP... does something, then asks if I'm sure I want to run the program. I understand that this is to keep someone else from installing malicious software on my computer. But I have never seen this dialogue box show up any time other than when I'm trying to install a program.

Let's remember that Windows XP is the OS with "buffer overrun" problems in damn near every component. But Microsoft thinks they know better than me.

So how can I disable this "feature" so when I try to install a program, the installer just runs?

(This may be academic, since I really should upgrade to 7. I just hate the new interface.)

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Have you checked the Users section of the Control Panel? That's where it is in Vista and 7. Without trying to make it sound like anyone's pushing you to migrate, would it not be prudent to have a non-production or virtual machine run either newer OS so you can adjust slowly and familiarize yourself with the interface? When Vista came out, I received lots of user distaste towards it; I told them to change the interface back to "classic" Windows XP style. The whole reason MS left the legacy GUI in there was to ease transition.
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ranhatt is totally right. They are no longer supporting XP, which means viruses and such will be harder to both get rid of and avoid, also program creators will stop supporting it too. That's just a couple of small reasons that you will need to upgrade soon. Also, don't hate the new interface just yet because it has a lot of fantastic features, they just take some getting used to. I used Linux most of the time when XP was on its way out and Vista was just before SP1 because of how vulnerable XP was to viruses.

I could have a few anti spyware, malware and virus programs installed, and run them regularly and somehow it would still happen through the strangest things. Not commonly me, but my mother. If i scanned from another partition I could clean out the infections effortlessly.

Switching to the new OS will cut down on this. I don't see how you could hate the UI when they always give you the legacy option, and if you gave the functions of the new UI a chance, you'd probably enjoy some of what it can do. The docking items to the taskbar is great, and window previewing by hovering over the taskbar icon is a good feature to find the window you're looking for I had those two on my linux box 3 years ago, and I found it hard to go over to Vista (which is NOT as bad as people made it out to be, it was just them using realy old, outdated, software from third parties that never made updates for bugs and such) without those features. Aero Snap is great for multitasking on one monitor. My favorite one is the shake feature, where if you have multiple windows open and want them to minimize, instead of minimizing all of them, just grab one and shake it, the rest minimize.

I honestly suggest giving it a try on a second partition and using the new UI steadily, and finding all the new features and seeing what they can do for you. If none of them appeal, you still have legacy.
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