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RX100 M3: New wrappers for 1080p video, will it work with iOS?

This sad puppy at 1920 x 1080 resolution feels the same way I do that I can't transfer 1080p video from my RX100 to my iPad.

The RX100 M1 and M2 both recorded 1080p video, however Sony decided to encode video in their AVCHD format. This meant that if I recorded video on the go at true 1080p, then I wouldn't be able to import or edit it on my iPad (iOS doesn't support AVCHD).

In order to get video to record in a format that the iPad could read (e.g., MP4), the RX100 limits your output to 1440 x 1080 -- which is short of the 1920 x 1080 needed for full HD. I guess you could scale or crop the video down to 720 (1280 x 720) and lose a bit of detail. But eh, why? It'd be nice to just record in 1080p and be done with it!

So, fast forward to the RX100 M3. Apparently, some new options allow it to record 1080p video using an MP4 wrapper! In theory, this means that using the wireless connection on the RX100 M3 (or Apple's Camera Connection Kit to import stuff straight off the SD card).

So, I have a favor to ask:

Can someone with a RX100 M3 record some 1080p video and see if you can transfer it to your iOS device through the PlayMemories app?

I'm genuinely curious if these works and I think it'd further solidify the RX100 as the perfect travel camera (despite the steep price of entry)!

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I wonder if you could try this out at a Sony retail store or something like a Best Buy perhaps. Just in case nobody who has one tries it
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Better go quickly! They've been shutting a lot of those down. The one near me closed within the last year.
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Dave, I don't have the camera or the iPad so I can't help much, but I have to ask: is it worth it? I know the company message is that the iPad is a wonder tool for creation...but is it really? Wouldn't an Air be better for this, easier to use, and capable of all the things that the iPad isn't (like opening any type of video)?

I run into this a lot with my clients. They purchase an iPad because they've been told that they can use it as their sole computer. Then they ask call me up to help them accomplish all these things that the iPad is flat-out incapable of.

Eventually I advise them to buy an Air and they love it.

I love tablets for consumption, but I just don't see them as the creation and productivity tools that Apple/Google/Samsung/whoever try to tout them as.
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Don't get me wrong, I love the Air! It's a lot easier to cut edit video than with something like an iPad. But it's not something I want to bring with me on vacation or while traveling.

Though, to be fair, if I'm on vacation anyway then I probably shouldn't worry about editing together some video. But hey! If I'm stuck in a foreign country when Godzilla, aliens, or an asteroid arrives, I want to be able to properly document it! ;)
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