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March 15th 2013 4:30 pm

Samsung Galaxy S 4

While this phone looks great, I recently purchased an LG L9. It comes with Android ICS, and is soon to be upgraded to Android Jellybean. And you can get this phone with no contract for 199,99 plus tax.

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Glad you like the Optimus L9. Don't forget to add it to your Have list and write a review!
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These phones are two different products.
You have the high-end Samsung phone, the Galaxy S4 that is there to fight against the Iphone 5, where the LG L9 has no pretention to do the same.
The L9 is a good phone that has all the features of most android phones. The L9 has a better finish than most android phones but remember that you cannot upgrade from the memory nor remove the battery with the L9.

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You are mistaken. You can do both, remove the battery and upgrade the memory via micro SD card.
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Actually you are right, I am mistaken but by reading the specs on gdgt it seemed without microSD port and unable to remove the battery. My bad, I will check closer next time. (Thank you for correcting me @moshe)
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