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August 31st 2012 1:12 pm

Samsung has a fighter to the Apple retina display. I am excited... here is why.

Confession. Reading this engadget post/reveal made me downright giddy.


With Samsung producing LCD panels for Apple, I have always wondered why they were not doing so for themselves. There have been many theories and answers as to why, but it still didn't sit right with me. I figured that if someone was to challenge Apple in the display department, it would most likely be them.

Now I suppose I should say I have never owned a Windows laptop, I have been using MacBook pros for the last 7 years (since the original). Likewise, I have never owned an Apple Desktop. I have used Windows PCs since.. well Windows 95. I mean I had a DOS machine and Commodore before that but lets not count those.

I have slowly been getting tired with the changes Apple has been making to their OS. Gatekeeper bugged me, and I had previously been disturbed when I found sensitive documents I thought I had deleted cached deep in the bowels of my hard drive. (Pro tip: turn on secure empty trash). I love the unix core and the integrated terminals and tools, but it seemed like I had to fight the system at times to do what in my mind are simple tasks. I am also not sure about Windows 8 to be even, or if the "Windows 8 UI" is actually what I want, but I will get more practise with it before I make a decision on my next laptop.

I know for my next laptop, I want at least a full-HD display (1920 by 1080). I had kind of got myself used to the idea of waiting for a 13" Retina Macbook Air or Pro. I know it will be pricy, but I want something that will still look stunning a couple years down the road. I would not get this from a 1366 by 768 display, or my current 1280 by 800 display.

So now Samsung had finally delivered (or at least prototyped) a machine that on purely a display front, can compete in that market, and give users a choice of platform when looking for a high res display. It will be interesting to see potential release dates of a 13" retina machine from Apple, and this Samsung series 9. However I think it could be an awesome fight to watch. (Let's hope for a fair fight leaving patents out of it this time ;) )

This also is exciting for me because it means that this could be the start of manufacturers REALLY going on the hardware offensive. They want to have the best, and as far as I am concerned, the 15" Retina MacBook Pro is playing in a league of its own. However, Windows machines are coming out on the full offensive with regard to touchscreens (gdgt.com­/discuss­/will­-touchscreens­-become­-a­-standa...) and that is something Apple hasn't responded to yet. I think the market for ultrabooks is getting really competitive and this is pushing companies to make the best hardware, and we are sort of seeing software take a back seat (yes.. i said sort of)

With the bar being raised here, more and more laptops with high res displays are sure to follow. When this does, the consumer wins. I win. You win. Applications will be made to be beautiful. Photos and Videos will look better. This is the tech world I want to be in :)

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My issue with Microsoft OEMs has always been their ability to put all of the pieces together. Usually if there was one awesome thing there was two or three other areas that were lack luster. Samsung has been making nice hardware with their ultrabook line so maybe this will be the first Windows OEM to put together a nice full package. Asus seems to be the only other manufacture putting hardware above everything else.
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I think you are right. Up until now we have not seen a complete package. I have always found something I have disliked about a system. More often than not it is the screen.

Of course we will have to wait for full specs to be released, but if Samsung keeps it together they can pull this off. They need to not fear having a high MSRP. I will pay more for the best. Here's to hoping we dont see intel graphics 4000!
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Oh could you image, integrated graphics with a sub par panel?
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Not fully convinced.

The 650M has a hard enough time driving the Retina display.

I think a lot of people just look at the figures and automatically then assume it's all perfect because it's Apple. It isn't, at least not in it's current guise - and in terms of 'competitors' they don't really think about the real-life implications.

I actually think the majority of the Microsoft OEM's are taking the more pragmatic approach here in terms of packing 1080 screens into the 13" form factor - it's overdue for sure, but anything beyond this and frankly speaking, especially with IGP's - even the 4000 - there are limits to how smoothly those pixels can be pushed around on a general purpose OS.
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It really will come down to what GPU Samsung includes with it. The short demo at the very least looked smooth. and I am not asking for qHD gaming here.

I like was Asus did with the Zenbook UX31Vd with its discrete card and the 1080p display, and if Samsung can at least achieve that level of performance on their own hi-res display I will be happy.

If Samsung is not afraid to price it near $2000, then they should be able to include a beefy GPU.
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Completely agree with your points. Great post!
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