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May 13th 2013 2:34 am

Samsung S4

Will Verizon ever sell a Samsung Galaxy S4 with more storage?

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Probably not. But the great thing about the Samsung's Galaxy S4 is that it's very flexible. You can purchase a memory card with a large memory capacity (www.amazon.com­/b­/ref­=sr­_aj­?node­=3015433011­&ajr...), and get plenty of storage. You can extend the 16GB of on-board storage with up to 64 additional GB using a memory card, giving you a maximum total of 80GB!
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Recent S4 update brings official support of apps in SD card. You can buy a 64GB SD.
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Verizon has truly lost me as a customer after this phone. The app support onto card was a must, but the removal of much needed apps to support their bloatware is unacceptable. I also purchased the 64GB chip as well.
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Samsung Galaxy S4 may not see more storage than 32GB as it does have a microSD card slot to increase it's memory
Samsung Galaxy S4 Full Specs here: www.mobilespecs.pk­/phones­/samsung­/i9505­-galaxy­-s4­_...
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