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September 6th 2009 8:26 am

Set up media streaming from Win7

To allow your PS3 to access your media on your Win7 PC follow these steps:

1. Go to Network and Sharing Center
2. Click Change advanced sharing settings (left hand menu)
3. Make sure Network discovery and file & printer sharing are turned on on your network.
4. Under Media streaming, click Choose media streaming options
5. Show devices on: All networks.
6. Your PS3 will be an unknown device, to make sure you allow the right device, check the MAC address. (On the PS3 this is under Settings > System Info)
7. Change your PS3 to Allowed

Hope I got all the steps in there. Happy streaming.

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This is all well and good until you throw a NAS into the mix.

I have tried this and the steps you outline are correct, so i hope they will help others and if anyone has any tips for getting WMP to play nice with a NAS please let me know.
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Use Win7's Libraries to your advantage. Your NAS should have file share paths that you can add to your Video (or Music or Pictures) Library. Once that's in your Library, WMP will see the content and share it. A couple things to note

1. You can't add non-indexed paths to Libraries. Unless your "NAS" is actually another Windows machine, you're going to have to jump through hoops. Search for "windows 7 library NAS" on google to find solutions that trick libraries into allowing non-indexed shares.
2. WMP might take some time to scan for content or changes on the NAS shares, so be patient.
3. Assuming you can use shares directly and not have to do the hack in #1, I've heard that libraries are more performant if you map the share to a drive letter. That doesn't really make any sense to me, and my libraries are configured to use UNC share paths (\\server\share) and haven't noticed any issues.

Note: I'm using a WHS (Windows Home Server) and not a NAS, but the principles should be the same.
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I believe this works because WHS holds the index, not Win 7, the only way to properly index a NAS drive in 7 is to create offline copies, and then whats the point of the NAS?

there are some hacks like you said and they do work, but i would urge anyone want to share media to a PS3 to follow the tried and tested link i posted below.
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..and do this why?
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I wouldn't bother using WMP at all.
Look in the PS3 (fat) section for a post entitled, Media Player on the Cheap.


This runs through using a free program called PS3 Media server and i run this on windows 7 with zero problems, and it removes the issue of having to make sure all you videos are in the right format
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Thank you for posting that. I don't really want to deal with WMP in any way/shape/form, so that is a nice option.
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Have you had any joy / problems with this method?
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