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Shame the Tablet still appears to be 4lbs with a decent battery config. If it was closer to 1.

5Kg I'd have tossed my X201T's aside faster than you can say 'weight weenie'.

Never mind, I'll probably pick up the standard X220s to take my current 'tossable' machines upmarket. As much as the Fujitsus are decent for what they are and how much they are, I'm not used to bargain-basement hardware and I've been feeling that being an issue as of late on the PH530.

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What do you consider the "decent" battery config option?

The 24 hour option? That's damn impressive. Hah, I guess if you're not really going anywhere (because this laptop is so heavy!), you're probably better off just plugging it into a wall!
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See, when the perennially optimistic and bushy-tailed do sarcasm, it doesn't work. It takes bitter old farts like us to phrase it just so.

And yes, I consider e.g. the 13-inch MBP hugely overweight. 1.8Kg is what I usually consider the max for a machine in the class with an optical drive - and 1.55 would be the max without. The X201T at 1.95Kg without a drive and with the specs of a machine in the 1.3Kg class only gets a pass because I actually find the tablet useful.

In terms of runtime, 7 actually productive hours (8 Lenovo hours, 9 Sony/Fujitsu/Dell/HP hours or 10-11 Apple hours) is what would work for me. The T was quite a bit heavier than the regular versions on the X201, and clearly nothing has changed with the 220 - and given the claimed runtime of the 4-cell, the 6-cell battery would be what I'd need in any case.

To put it into perspective, a 7.5-hour configuration VAIO Z would be 1.55Kgs. A 7-hour Macbook Pro would be 2.04Kgs.

Now, there's a deviation in the claimed specs for the X201T. Fully loaded, the X201T with an 8-cell is 1.95Kg in terms of real weight. Lenovo claims 3.95lbs = 1.8Kg with the 8-cell. With the X220T, Lenovo claims 1.76Kg with the 4-cell. So, since the claimed weight of the X201T with the 4-cell is 3.57lbs (1.61Kgs), that means that an X201T with the 4-cell weighs 1.76Kg in reality. i.e. zero change in weight for the 4-cell.

Now this brings up the question: Is there a similar deviation between claimed and real with the X220? Because in that case the unit sans battery would be actually heavier than the X201T...

But that aside, all that seems to have changed really in terms of the battery is that I get the same runtime on a slightly lighter battery - which obviously makes sense on Sandy Bridge. But it's not a huge upgrade either way. I would not need the external battery pack.
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I can't speak for Lenovo but I know with my Dell XT2, if I remove the second slim battery there is almost no change in weight. I thought that's what was weighing the thing down but the unit is just that heavy.
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It is surprising how much weight the tabletty stuff adds - at least, I guess, if you build the hinge to last. I can't imagine the additional screen layer adds that much weight.
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Either way I'm glad they bought a better display to the standard model. An i7-2620M, IPS, 6-cell config ordered with the cheapest HDD, with the X25-M's swapped from the existing Fujitsu's, looks like just the ticket.

As the ramblings above goes though, I'll sit out the X220T.
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