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July 8th 2014 1:12 pm

Share your early RX100 M3 impressions!

It's been pretty common knowledge at this point that Sony's RX100 line of cameras have been the best point and shoot cameras that you can buy. Their latest iteration is now available for mass consumption. Have you picked one up? Share your impressions below.

I'm definitely interested (though at this point I've had both the RX100 I and RX100 II, do I really need the III? Probably).

A couple things I'm curious about:
  • How usable is the viewfinder? I can see using it, especially in bright light which washes out the back screen.
  • 1080p output via an MP4 wrapper -- this is awesome. In the M1 and M2, you could only get MP4 video out of the camera at 1440 x 1080 resolution (ugh). If you wanted true 1080p, you needed to use Sony's weird proprietary format -- basically, this means I couldn't edit together videos on the go with my iPad.
  • Slightly wider angle lense -- I love myself landscape and wide angle photography. Granted, you lose out on nice portraits since it's basically capped at 70mm -- but you get f/2.8 there. Nice!
And of course if you DO have one, make sure you write a review to help fellow Engadgeteers out! You can review the RX100 M3 right here: www.engadget.com­/products­/sony­/cyber­-shot­/rx100­/ii...

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Thanks Dave! I'm currently working on the Engadget review... I've been shooting with the RX100 III for about two weeks. Let me know if you have any questions!
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I would love to know how much value that EVF adds. Battery life info too! Both with EVF and without :)
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Hey TgD! Depends on whether or not you're used to shooting with an EVF... it's definitely helpful in bright sunlight, though I did find myself using the LCD much more than the EVF. It tucks away nicely, though, so it's not a bother if you never end up using it. I haven't compared battery life with EVF vs. without, I'm afraid.
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I appreciate the response! I've never actually used an EVF, my photography experience is actually relatively limited. Some DSLR work, but mostly nowadays cell phone photography (If you can call it that) :)
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Well, this is a great camera if you're ready to invest in your photography!
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Head on over to the AMA if you have any questions!
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