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December 19th 2013 12:56 pm

Share your favorite productivity tools and apps!

I'm a big fan of the idea of productivity / get-things-done (GTD) apps. In practice, I spend so much time reading about them, downloading them, and trying to use them that I probably am not all that productive.

However, there are still some pretty vital tools I use every day. Here are two of my favorites as of late:

1. Alfred (OS X)

It's basically a super powerful launch bar and search tool that makes it incredibly easy to open up groups of apps, search webpages, and trigger a ton of different utilities. It's probably one of my most used apps on the computer. Best of all, it's free (with an optional "Powerpack" that opens up some more features for power users). Windows users can run something similar with Launchy: www.launchy.net/

2. Simplenote

I find myself jotting down notes, ideas, and random scribbles all the time. Simplenote is a free service that keeps your notes in sync across a variety of platforms. It's awesome!

What are your favorite apps?

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1. Alfred (OS X)

I don't think I need to sell you on why I enjoy this tool so much. We did have a workflow throw down that one day.

2. Simplenote

I use this for all my notes. I try to get into Evernote but I just can't do it. It's incredibly powerful but also incredibly messy and I'm not keen on the idea of just letting it go when it comes to storage points. Simplenote is fast and I can access it from anywhere, with any editor I want.

3. Things

I wasn't crazy about the price but this is the best task tool I found for OSX and iOS. I can use a list in Reminders as an Inbox and quickly add items using Alfred.

4. Droplr

I had to do a lot of screenshots recently and this was such a time saver. The hot key for dragging a screenshot was crucial. The iOS apps saved boatloads of time too when it came to snapping screenshots.
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Ah, Droplr is a good one, especially for screenshots. I was previously using CloudAPp for that but since Dropbox implemented auto-uploads, I've been using that.
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What makes the screenshot tool better on Mac is that when you hit the hotkey you get the cross-hairs for selection and it auto-uploads to Droplr. You don't have to go and do any dragging.

I too have Dropbox auto-upload on iOS but using the iOS app saves time because it goes right into Droplr. I don't need to wait for the sync and then drag it into Droplr.
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Ah Dropbox autholoads-that's a winner.
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- Alfred (w/ PowerPack)
- SublimeText
- Mou
- TextExpander
- CloudApp
- FluidApp
- Toggl
- Bartender
- Feeds
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Some good ones in here! I completely forgot about my text expander of choice, aText, and Bartender!
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I have thought about this for days now and am realizing that I haven't found any productivity apps that have stuck with me since the days of using the organizer app on my Diamond Mako (a.k.a Psion Revo). I adored that program and ran my life by it. Since the day that device died on me, I have tried almost everything to the point where I finally just gave up the quest. I guess my nearest thing to actual productivity app use now is a half-hearted habit of setting events in Google Calendar. Funny how I feel less productive with technology than I was over 10 years ago. Sometimes the advancement of technology is a myth.
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Fastest way to a send a tab I have open on my phone onto my desktop screen and vice versa. I like it so much, I wrote about it here: mitchmckenna.com­/post­/11839­/sendtab

If your company's using Campfire chat by 37Signals without Revolver, you're doing it wrong (this might be a plug for a buddy's project). www.papermodelplane.com­/revolver/

Fastest way to take a screenshot, mark it up, and send it to someone. evernote.com­/skitch/

No opening an app, selecting dates or typing in a location field, just type and let their natural word processing take care of the rest. flexibits.com­/fantastical

If your gonna have a to-do list app, it might as well look good (and be synced across desktop and mobile for free). https:­/­/www.wunderlist.com/
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My productivity apps of choice:

1. FastKeys

You can automate anything with this app - start menu configurations, flexible text expander, shortcuts and even mouse gestures. The best is that it can also run any Autohotkey scripts. Highly recommended.

2. Mediamonkey

The best software dor organizing the mp3 databases.
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I use Companionlink to synch my calendar, contacts, email on Exchange Server and Google.
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My favorite productivity apps are:
1. Files-Finder Edition for iPad
2. Future Scheduler
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one of my favorite productivity apps is "CalendarPro for Google" (OS X). It is the only Google calendar app that i have been using. The app works great and syncs very fast.
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Enolsoft Winmail Viewer
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My Productivity tools

1. TickTick.com a simple to-do list app available for both Android and Web. I use it to manage all my to-do items

2. Google Drive: indispensable for my work and team

3. Evernote: I use it as a note-taking app
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I like coolmuster apps.Because it really help me regain important contacts from my iphone 5s.
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