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December 31st 2013 8:49 pm

Share your tech predictions for 2014

Happy 2014! At long last, the future is finally here. Or is it? Share your boldest tech predictions for 2014. Are wearables here for real? 128-bit mobile CPUs? 8-inch Android phones? Will I be able to Hyperloop San Francisco burritos in exchange for New York bagels?

Share your 2014 predictions below.

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I predict phones will get bigger and faster but batteries will stay crappy.
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Plasma's will officially, and sadly, die in 2014. Panasonic is out of the game leaving Samsung as the only major manufacturer.

OLEDs still wont be here, instead everyone will go for Curved 4K TVs.

Amazon finally releases a STB for their video service

Apple wont release a TV or Smart Watch and will still be called a disappointment by most pundits

Google homepage and Google+ will slowly converge into one entity
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Software patents eliminated and more difficult requirements for hardware patents in every country... except Amerika.
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Thought of 2 more...
  • Amazon finally releases a phone and service
  • April and May become a living hell for all users of the internet as the horde of viruses aimed at previously unpatched Windows XP vulnerabilities is unleashed on the world
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I think the Amazon phone won't happen for a couple more years. If they're even planning one.
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I can't wait to see what CES 2014 has in store for new technologies, namely, the consumer version of the Oculus Rift with HD screen et al.
Also, can't wait to see Google triumphing above the rest in its Android OS, with Apple slowly decreasing below.
2GHz+ phones with 128GB storage and 2GB+ RAM anyone? Count me in for my next phone come my birthday. :D
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No offense meant bro, but I think high specs are still useless in the current generation.

Seriously, have you ever seen an app that needs more than 1.4 GHz processor, or have you ever seen your tablet or mobile phone fill up at least 2 GB of RAM? In my experience, the most demanding of games only needed 1.4 GHz to run without problems, and that's the Drastic DS Emulator (I also have the PPSSPP PSP emulator but I don't know its required speed). Furthermore, the devs even streamlined this app so that it will run efficiently on devices with lower clock speed.

I regularly check the RAM usage on my Nexus 7 through a widget I made, and my largest RAM usage was only a little above 1.1 GB RAM (probably it was 1.2 GB).

The Note series seems nice for having 3 GB of RAM, but almost every tech reviewer mentions that it lags even in the simple task of swiping around homescreens. But at least, the RAM is effectively utilized when using multi-window.

Even with the launch of Android KitKat, only a few types of devices can be seen with it, and most are even flagship devices. If Google made it for devices with less clock speed (through ART) and less RAM, then manufacturers should opt to run at least every device with Android 4.4. But they won't for the sake of profit and/or for making devices with larger specs.

For my last comment, I think your prediction is close to reality, with devices running very lofty processors and more space in RAM. But this trend will be unreasonable, since most of these are just marketing gimmicks. Developers should learn how to optimize their apps to run with even the smallest RAM (512 MB) and processors (at least 1 FB), just like what is happening to Windows Phone.
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They might make more games this year that need that extra processing power? Or release Android Lemon/Lolly/L--- that require a baseline processor speed to run
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I wish they just utilize what the current 32-bit processors could handle... They say that Snapdragon 805 is optimized for 4K video playback and games. But come to think of it- what is the norm for video playing today? I think it's qHD to HD (720p) only. Only a few run with 1080p resolution. And the same should be true for gaming. It's hard to do games with HD resolution. So definitely, it would be harder to produce games with 4K resolution.

To summarize, what I am saying is that technology's running faster than what its speed could handle. Did you know that with Note 3's 4K video recording capability, you can record a 5-minute vid that will be larger than 1 GB? But our mobile storage currency's still in tens of GB, so that technology will only consume a lot of space. If our mobile devices sport tens of terabytes of storage, then recording 4K videos won't be a problem. And what's more: Note 3's screen is only 1080p, not 4K.
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I think 2014 will be a year for preparing a very drastic advancement in mobile computing and wearables, but the mobile ecosystem won't change a bit and remain on developing 32-bit apps. I also think it will mark another milestone in smartphone camera although I feel that the Lumia line-up will so still be the best choice for mobile photography. Android smartphones can catch-up in that category two or more years after, and iPhones will still retain above average cameras but with more developed and faster software for their cameras. In the tech world, I'm more eager to wait for second half of 2015 than this year.
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Hah, I think this qualifies as a predictions post if anything (I see it happening in 2014, at the current rate we're moving) - www.engadget.com­/discuss­/the­-ipad­-is­-just­-a­-big­-ip...
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I think there are going to be a lot of crappy smart watches released this year and hopefully one or two that are good enough to actually want.

I think this will be the year that a really good Chromebook comes out for under 300 dollars that hits good marks for performance, build quality and battery life.

Apple will almost certainly bring out a bigger screen size for iPhone.

People like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk will make big headlines for some outlandish sounding product they claim is less than 5 years off and in 5 years we will still only have expensive niche electric cars and new Kindle Fire HDs.
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*Kindle Fire UD
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