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September 6th 2012 2:33 am

Shipping Delays...

No one in the media seems to be reporting that this highly anticipated Notebook is suffering from major supply issues and shipping delays from Launch. Infact, most USA customers who ordered in Launch week (8-14-12) have yet to see any shipping confirmation from Lenovo. Any one else feeling the pain?

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Its pretty bad.
My order has been cancelled without any notification.. Now the model I ordered is not available and seems like the prices have changed too slightly.
Being my 4th Thinkpad this is the worst experience I've ever had.
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This is like my 5th Thinkpad, but my first time ordering directly from Lenovo a Thinkpad at release. I'm pretty annoyed. The lack of communication on the delays is really dissapointing.

I buy Laptops for my buissness all the time, and have purchased many Thinkpads, this is the first time there has been a delay because of a parts shortage, and the handling was so bad, it's making think twice about working with them in the future.

I love Thinkpad, but I can just buy from Newegg, CDW, or PC Connection.
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yeah been pushed off 7 times. I ordered on the 14th. No communication from lenovo. Just really bad. This will be my last lenovo purchase. In fact I may just end up canceling my order. The reason is because of the dongle, they held shipments because of the dongle......come on. 3 weeks later they figured out they could ship without it. Really bad Lenovo, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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What's even worse is how they are still advertising it like there isn't a problem. On twitter they talk about it like every day. And their Website is not giving realistic shipping estimates even to those who were to order today. Double Shame!
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