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July 23rd 2009 10:39 am

Shooting the Kuroshio Sea - Video of world's second largest aquarium

I'll admit, I'm a Nikon fanboy. But I'm continually impressed by the quality of video that people keep sharing from their Canon 5D Mark II's. From the Canon promo Reverie, to filming a NIN concert. It's pretty incredible how good the video looks and how SLR lenses add a whole new way to film something.

Anyway, I just saw this link floating around the Internet today. It's the Canon 5D Mark II shooting the main tank of the "Kuroshio Sea," which is the second largest Aquarium tank in the world. This is absolutely stunning footage! Check it out on Vimeo, and if your system can handle it, view the link to the 720p footage!


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I didn't know what to be more impressed by.

The Aquarium or the quality of video footage!

It just makes me want this camera even more. Maybe if I start saving now I'll have enough money when the MKIII comes out.....
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That was great footage. Pretty relaxing to watch.
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Here's a video of the aquarium at the Dubai Mall -


Again, shot with a 5D Mk II.
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Other examples of 5D Mk II video -

Manual aperture adjustment:


Using a tilt-shift lens:


Fountains at dusk:


Fountains at night:


Remember though that with all these videos, you're seeing a lower resolution and more compressed file. The originals at 1080p are simply stunning.
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Saw this video up on Vimeo. Absolutely loved it.
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A geeky change of pace. A Drum and Bugle Corp fan shot some warm-up videos with a 5D Mark II. No fishies but makes hum drum band stuff look pretty fascinating.

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I agree, it really makes the normal stuff look great. My dad recorder a shot of my hands while I was playing my guitar, great results. Decent sound with the built in microphone too.
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We made this video, a month after Vincent Laforet one... We shoot our video by night with a 5D MKII running a Beta Firmware (the camera was not yet released in Japan) www.akihabaranews.com­/en­/review­-105­-X.html
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