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April 3rd 2013 5:59 pm

Should I get the newer version?

Do you think it's worth buying a little more? Seeing as this was released in 2011 and we're now in 2013, I don't want to buy an overly outdated camera.

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I think our conclusion on the S110 says it all: "But, as DigitalCameraInfo says, "if you’re totally in love with touchscreen technology or you think WiFi will really be a benefit to how you shoot," you should get the S110. Otherwise, the S100 remains a great camera, and a gdgt Must-have model, and it sells for $150 less than the S110."

The step from the s100 to the s110 was very incremental and the only big feature change was wifi and touchscreen.
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Thanks I really appreciate the advice! Hello from AOL ;)
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