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March 6th 2012 8:06 am

Should I upgrade to a Nokia Lumia 900 or wait for Windows Phone 8?

Hi, I have just seen on a UK cell phone website that Nokia's Lumia 900 is set be released here in the UK in the month of May. I am currently in the middle of my contract and am considering buying the device outright.

I have one question though - Shoudl I buy the Nokia Lumia 900, or should I just wait until the end of the year to see Niokia's Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo)?

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Though I am an iOS guy but still liked lumia 900 very much. My advice would be take it. See if you wait till yr end which is almost another 7+ months, who knows there might be other version which may show up. Will u wait again? Also I feel 900 will be upgradabled like windows 7 to 7.5 or else the hacking community is anyways there to port it ;)
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Hi John,

I've been using the Lumia 800 for the past couple of months and it's a wonderful device and the 900 looks like a very worthy successor and if the Windows ecosystem works for you then I would highly recommend it with the following caveat:

It doesn't appear that the current generation of Windows Phones will be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8 - it's not been publicly confirmed but indications point to the fact that it won't happen so it will in effect be a dead-end device in terms of major future upgrades.

(Read more here if you like: www.tomsguide.com­/us­/Windows­-Phone­-7.x­-Windows­-Pho...)

So, if you can live with that then I would say go ahead, if not, then probably best to wait it out.
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My vote is to wait for Apollo.
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as close as we are to starting to here of Apollo device I would wait also the 900 will be an awesome phone I have a titan coming from a focus and I still love it and its a great device. if you have to have a new phone now getting the 900 will not really hurt you much you just may not get the feature set in Apollo still up in the air in the begin MS said you will be able to upgrade to at least the next version from what you have but they also added if you meet specs. I would be surprised to see this flavor of windows phone getting the classic moniker or be used for low end devices for the emerging markets and Apollo being for newer devices I wouldn't be shocked to see that dual core was now a requirement. Especially if Apollo truly is windows 8 that is still possible we already know they share the same core but windows 8 ui works well on just about any screen size and the current apps will work with 8
so your covered either way me I couldn't wait but I never do I got the focus at launch got the titan at launch would get the 900 but I like the larger screen and I will get what ever launch Apollo phone comes out but im a gdgt wh@re so I cant really help it
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Maybe the present windows phones may have windows 8 update in the future. So, you can either wait or buy Lumia 900.
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If you're mid contract, i'd wait unless you have that much cash to just drop on a phone. I just pre-ordered the Lumia 900 myself here in the states and will have it in hand by April 7th. Let me know if you have any specific questions on usability. I'll try to do a review on gdgt soon after I get the phone.
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That's a tough decision, and a similar one the what I'm currently making (though I have an upgrade available). It's a tough call whether or not it's worth it to hold out for the vastly improved hardware specs that will come with WP8. I'm a current WP7.5 user (1st gen Samsung Focus) and will say that even though the hardware specs trail well behind competition, the actual performance of the OS tends to be very smooth--the only time it gets very laggy is when it tries to sync to your computer in the background. Ultimately, I think I will hold out till WP8 with hopes that Nokia will release a Windows Phone with a PureView camera (Please, please, please, Nokia).
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