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September 8th 2012 5:37 pm

Should the new $69 Kindle be a separate gadget on gdgt?

I noticed gdgt is just putting the black $69 Kindle here with the old silver one. But Amazon is advertising some improvements, such as 15% faster page turns, implying upgraded hardware. Should it be considered the 5th-gen Kindle and get its own score and reviews?

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The $69 Kindle shares the same form factor as the 4th-gen silver one, and in fact, the page with the silver Kindle was the one that was changed to reflect the new price - we were watching as it updated. It looks as if the firmware has been upgraded as well, which explains the advertised improvements. Just in case, the black Kindle is currently present as an instance of the 4th-gen - you'll see it listed as "late 2012" on the specs page, but we may in fact, eliminate this instance completely once we get hands-on confirmation.

Thanks for looking out for us, and if you pick one up, we hope you write a review of the improved Kindle here on the site!
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