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August 28th 2014 2:52 pm

Show off your tech tees!

As someone who's worked in various tech- and gaming-related jobs, it should be no surprise that I've accumulated a few tech- and gaming-related tees. Well, more than a few. Okay, a lot. I have a lot of tech tees in my drawer. Actually, I have a lot of t-shirts in general. But not all tees are created alike -- some t-shirts just get worn more than others, either because of the occasion (concerts, conventions, parties) or because I just like some of them more.

This one was an early favorite, purchased from Thinkgeek. I usually hate baby doll t-shirts but for this one I make an exception -- it glows in the dark.


I don't actually use Outlook.com at all. I just like how soft this shirt is and I look good in blue. This is more of a "hanging around the house" shirt, though.


Okay, it's more science fiction than tech, but hey, science fiction has tech in it, and this Futurama "Galaxy Express" shirt has a spaceship on it. SPACESHIP!

Do you have any tech (or other nerdy) shirts that you're proud of? Show them off!

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The only tech shirts I have are my MailChimp shirt which is doing duty as a pajama shirt and gdgt shirts... which I still wear constantly. :D
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