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December 1st 2013 5:42 am

Similarity between iPhone 5S and Nexus 5

Despite of the price tag, material of body, difference in processor computing type and degree of openness system, I noticed that Nexus phones and iPhones have a lot in common. I'll list those features that I'd observed:

1) Non-removable batteries
2) Non-expandable storage
3) 8 MP cameras enhanced by software
4) Timely OS updates
5) Plain but solid and compact built

What are your thoughts about these? Does these features make the best phone for the average user?

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I would say these aren't similarities between the iPhone 5s and the Nexus 5, but similarities between many modern phones. Especially since two of the things you mentioned—non-removable batteries and non-expandable storage—are directly connected to a third feature, being "compact built." Making the phone as small as slim as possible is a logical step for many manufacturers to make, given how obsessed with "pocketability" many users (and reviewers) are, and a good portion of them don't care about being able to replace the battery or add a memory card.

As for timely OS updates, that also makes sense considering both are flagship phones, and you'd want your flagship phone running the latest version of your OS at all times.
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How To: Switch from Apple iPhone 5/5s to Google Nexus 5 http://wp.me/p4cNvf-md
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