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October 7th 2011 2:25 pm

Siri and GlaDOS, together!

Jeff Heimbuch put together a great mashup of Siri and GlaDOS (of Portal).


As much time as Apple spent showcasing Siri at their iPhone 4S launch event, I don't feel that Siri (or voice control in general) will be a major factor in mobile devices. At least not yet. The voice is too electronic and unnatural to feel comfortable talking to it. However, this video does bring up a decent point. When the technology behind the voice becomes more lifelike (albeit without as much GlaDOS snark), and conversation with the device becomes more natural, it's possible that voice will become an easier way to interface with our digital devices. Siri is a great step forward in that direction, but I think we still have a long way to go.

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I'd pay for a GlaDOS voice upgrade for Siri! As well as a Dalek voice.
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I can almost imagine some app developer adding a mod for Siri in the near future.
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Well, that is if Apple actually exposes that API. HA!

But yeah, that would be awesome.
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I too desperately want a GladOS voice. I think Dalek would be rather hard to listen to, however.
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What other voices are people interested in? I can see some fun combos with Siri voices and ringtones and alerts:
  • HAL
  • C3P0 (with alerts by R2D2)
  • Star Trek's "Computer" with matching synth-beep alerts
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (or is that just an English accented voice that always puts things in context, "on the planet Earth"). It can start every alert with "Don't panic, but..."
  • Iron Man's Jarvis
  • Knight Rider's KITT
All of these computer voices were voiced by humans in their filmic origins, so they may be hard to simulate. Just ask Stephen Hawking or Roger Ebert (He talks about it on TED: www.ted.com­/talks­/lang­/eng­/roger­_ebert­_remaking­_my...).

So it's hard. So what. Let's get this wish list together so Apple or some developer can get working on it.
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