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July 17th 2009 6:03 pm

Slingbox Classics are still alive and rockin!

I bought this thing when it came out to stream sports from San Antonio to Dallas, Texas. The Slingbox was one of the coolest gadgets I had ever used and it is still probably the easiest one to use and setup. The got it right the first time and each upgrade has just been about offering increased processing and HD. I really want a PRO HD to zoom content around my house. Right now, I'm using an original Sony Locationfree box to turn my laptop or psp into a portable tv. They both work well, but the slingbox provides a better picture.

For people who just like playing with these gadgets and would like another placeshifting device to mess with, you can find Locationfree boxes very cheap on eBay! Only the original has a built in rf coaxial connector though and built in tv tuner. The later Locationfree devices all have wireless and increased picture quality like the later slingboxes. Slingboxes are the best, but like any good product, they retain their value very well!

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yeah i have the sling av, had it for 3 years now but been thinking about getting the hava hd streamer, it has built in wifi and the hd version streams hd over the net plus two ppl can view at the same time, one on the local network and one over the net. Dont get me wrong, i also have a sling catcher which is terrific and i think its finally paid for itself by now but i want hd capabilities over the net and cheaper.
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The Hava devices are the only ones I haven't tried yet! I want to use them too for the reasons you stated but I cannot find them for a reasonably price. The slingbox I installed in San Antonio and the LocationFree device I use for local streaming. I can watch tv on my PSP and share my home cable tv. The Hava would be sweet for that multicasting aspect, but I can't see really using it often. I would maybe put a sports game on all the computers or something, but I'm the only one who cares so I won't spend more than $50 or $60 for it. I only got the LocationFree to screw around with because it was $30 on eBay......
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