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May 10th 2014 12:21 pm

Smartphone help

I currently own a Droid Maxx.(Moto X with bigger battery). My job does not allow me to have camera phones there. I was hoping someone could recommend me an affordable non camera phone that I could somewhat seamlessly swap out sim cards with my Maxx when I go to work. I have Verizon btw. Thanks!

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Off the top of my head, all I can think of are some Blackberries that don't have cameras. Other than that, you're best bet is a feature phone but, if you go that route then you wouldn't be able to swap out the sim card because most feature phones aren't 4G enabled.
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Yeah, important to remember that Verizon only uses the SIM for LTE service, all other services run over the old CDMA network, so you can't hot-swap SIM cards if you use Verizon. If your employer were smart they'd setup restrictions that disable the camera if you federate your pone to the corporate network.
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