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November 16th 2009 11:33 pm

So far so good

I previously mentioned I'd be doing a gaming headset shootout for MW2's release (discuss.gdgt.com­/turtle­-beach­/ear­-force­/x41­/genera... ), and it's underway!

I've been "working" with the A40s (with Mixamp) so far and I have to say, I've been very impressed. Since the X41s and Trittons haven't come yet, I can't compare sound quality, but the Astro guys clearly paid a lot of attention to the details of their product. The balance knob on the Mixamp (balances voice and game audio) is a very nice touch.

Granted, the A40s are cabled, which is a serious drawback (especially depending on the configuration of your living room), and they are a little more pricey than their competitors. But so far I've found these to be pretty comfortable and solid, and they've helped me basically lose all interest in going back to a traditional surround speaker setup for gaming.

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I bought the X41s on Saturday, and used them for 5 minutes before my 360 red ringed... :(
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I'm a big fan of the Turtle Beach X41. They are wireless, and have a passthrough so you can choose to use surround sound audio, just the headphones, or both. Plus, they support voice from the controller, rather than having to plug into something across the room. ;)
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These support voice from the controller -- but the audio is still into the console or Mixamp, so it's kind of like "what's the difference?" This thing in no way resembles something wireless, unfortunately!
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Ordering a pair of X41's later today. Would have really loved to get something solid like the A40's, but wireless is a huge deal to me. Guess that kinda shoots my audiophile cred in the foot huh?
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I have been using the A40's for months and love them. Great build and sound quality. The others came later to the scene.
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I can't wait to hear the comparisons between all these headsets. I've wanted the A40s for awhile, but recently the X41s popped on my radar. I definitely want something that can be used between my 360 and PC. PS3 support for movies would be nice too.
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I just bought the Army Green version with the refresh line of Mixamp's that don't need the USB Dongle for PS3 and I love em so far!
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had them near a week now, been playing modern warfare 2 exclusively, find my self ducking a lot when there is helicopters overhead, so all good here too.
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I'm looking into the A40's + MixAmp currently. Favoring them because the sound quality is apparently better, they look nice and they'll work with my 360, PS3 and PC.
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Can someone please tell me if these are good for listening to music as well as for gaming? I'm looking to buy some good headphones that I can use both for listening to music on my laptop and for gaming on my PS3. Thanks!
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I guess these headphones will try to upmix any stereo signal to a 5.1 like most default dolby devices (to a Pro Logic 2 like state), and if you've heard pure stereo versus an upmixed music sample you know that the music has a muddied character.

I myself am also looking for a definitive yes or no to this, in which case I will most likely buy myself some good quality headphones, get a clip on mic and get my Sound Card in my PC to create the virtal 3d (which currently sounds great on my Etymotics).

Both have pros and cons though. The clip on microphone is not going to be as good as the A40 microphone plus you might have to be shouting to be heard, plus you've also got to deal with that cable however you have an awesome pair of cans.
With the A40s you don't want to be listening to music on them but they are the all in one device for games.

Its too bad that I can't listen to a demo pair in Australia, I'm just going on the specificatons of the A40 headset.
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I don't think I'm an audiophile, but I did like how they sound with both gaming and music. I use them for my Xbox 360 as well as my DVR when I'm up late at night.

I don't think you can discount how much a difference big speakers make for sound quality. Music sounds a lot better than any earbuds I've ever used. I haven't tried many other over-the-ear headphones, though.

If you just use the headphones, they are a normal set of headphones with a mic. I used them once as a headset to talk on my Palm Pre.

With the MixAmp, you can enable or disable the Dolby 5.1 by hitting a button in the lower right. I disable 5.1 when I'm watching TV programs that don't have a 5.1 signal. If I'm listening to music, I usually don't bother with the MixAmp, and just plug in the headphones directly.

BTW, I did notice a huge difference in sound quality, depending on how the MixAmp is powered. I originally used the USB hub that was included with Rock Band, and there was a lot of background noise when the sound from the game or TV was relatively quiet. I thought it was the MixAmp, and was annoyed that I was going to have to get more batteries. On a whim, I decided to plug the USB cable into the back of my DVR instead. Now it's quiet and has really good sound. I suspect that the USB hub that came with Rock Band is relatively cheap, so I figure that's why there's a lot of extra noise.

Hope this helps.
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I recently starting using another headphone audio system from Astro Gaming, though I'm not able to say what they are yet (embargo) and they are very good. All the same goodness as the A40s. Great base sound in them and I think these will become my new favorite pair of headphones!
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So basically the famed wireless headset with better bass? Will I regret my purchase of the a40s from last week?
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Nah depends on what kinda of gamer you are. If you are a heavy gamer, and really into it, the A40s are for you.
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I love these things. Best ones i have ever used!
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