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October 26th 2012 10:45 am

So, Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S III?

Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S III?

Ok, I was one of the lucky Google I/O attendees that was handed a Galaxy Nexus phone. Thank you Google, that was seriously cool... Especially considering that (quite literally) I had planned on going to buy the Galaxy S III that night after the conference.

So, after 3-4 months with the Galaxy Nexus, I have come to the conclusion that I love the phone: its great to be back on a pure nexus device, love the pogo pins for docking, etc... But, I don't like the lack of sdcard support, the HSPA+ speeds, or - most importantly - the camera. (5MP? Seriously?)

So, yesterday I just decided to go get an S III, since that was my original choice before I was handed the Nexus.

Now, I have the opposite problem. I love the S III's HSPA++ speed (seriously, t-mobile haters, it's crazy fast), the camera rocks, and the extra little nice-to-have features on the phone (looking at it to keep it on, flipping it face down to mute the speaker, etc) are pretty amazing. But I miss the pure Nexiousness of the Galaxy Nexus (sorry Samsung, touch wiz doesn't do it for me), waiting for the jelly bean upgrade (which, I realize is around the corner, but Google Now is addictive) and, not surprisingly, I miss the pogo pins. Not having to tell the phone I've docked it at home, work or my car and have it do the appropriate thing was an amazing convience.

So, what do you think? Return it to go back to the Nexus, or keep trucking with the SIII and it's superior camera?

....and yes, I realize this is not really a real-world problem in my l am just looking for an opinion here.

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I'd wait the few days before deciding anything. Google is supposed to announce a new Nexus device Monday. You could in theory sell the SIII and pick up the new nexus.

That out of the way, I have an S3 and I think it's worth holding onto. Screen and camera are slightly better over the Nexus. I know Touchwiz isn't great but you could run an alternate launcher that at least makes it less apparent.
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Deciding between these phones is a tough call. You basically outlined the advantages and disadvantages of each very well.

For my usage pattern (which would not include the pogo pins) I think the S3 is the winner. I respect a high quality camera in a phone. I dislike touchwiz, but can live with it. Also the option for other ROMs is there, although I am not terribly adventurous when it comes to potentially ruining my phone.

Now have you thought about selling one phone and potentially looking at the new Nexus device sure to be announced on Monday? If the rumours are correct the LG Nexus will have a nice camera AND stock android and I believe pogo pins as well.

I am not sure it will have LTE however. It may come down to carrier versions for that.
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Thanks TgD... appreciate that.

Yeah, being in the industry, I've had an advanced look at the next Nexus, and I find it's pretty light on a couple of features - so I'm going to pass on it.

So, interestingly, but probably not surprisingly, the advice over at G+ is the opposite...heavily weighted towards the Galaxy Nexus.... and I left the house this morning half-convinced I was going to return the S3, then I got in my car and paired it to the bluetooth receiver....when I turned on Google Play the S3's version of bluetooth (I don't know the spec number, actually) broadcast the song's metadata to the car deck. So, for the first time ever, my car deck displayed the album, artist, track and, most surprisingly, the album art.

...that might just have tipped the scales.
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I have never heard of that happening in bluetooth, but that is awesome! I suppose I have never connected my phones to a fancy car deck haha :)
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This is kind of exactly where I'm at right now, but unlike you I have neither phone to actually try or base anything on fact. At least for me starting from scratch barring a miracle on Black Friday the SIII is going to be quite a bit more than the GNex subsided or not (note: I'm on VZW - stuck there on Family Plan - I can't justify buying a phone outright so I unfortunately plan to nuke my unlimited data for an upgrade ...)

I've got an SI now that I've kept vital thanks to awesome devs - via AOKP I'm running Jellybean close to stock and I love it. Performance is the main issue. I like the "vanilla" experience (btw good vanilla ice cream is hard to beat) and would prefer the Nexus device even 1 yr old as it will undoubtedly be supported for several more years (officially or not).

Blah, blah, blah - so I'd be all set to get the GNex, but that camera kind of kills it for me. If I can swing an SIII I'll just plan to put CM or AOKP or the like on it, but I think I could be very happy with the GNex.

Downsides for me on the GNex

• Being the VZW variant I'm sure I'll not have the patience to wait and will flash ROMS any ways
• No expandable storage sucks but 32GB should be enough
• I'd have to immediately pick up an extended battery
• No Gorilla Glass up front
• That camera ...

Upside of SIII fo me

• Good sized battery out of gate
• Will be well supported by devs due to its popularity
• 2 GB of RAM = future-proof
• That camera!
• TW - would be "forced" to flash a ROM and pray for stability
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