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June 15th 2010 9:28 pm

So I just watched the video at Engadget where they're testing out the new dashboard that uses the Kinect motion controls.

I was disappointed.

The controls looked somewhat clunky and not necessarily intuitive, with big sweeping hand motions that I have a hard time thinking are comfortable to use for such simple controls. Where's the seamless gesture-based interface that we've been expecting?

But then I remembered that this is a 1.0 device. The reason Kinect is so exciting is that it's taking this style of UI out of the realm of science fiction and putting it into living rooms. I think we can expect the gestures we use, the capabilities the device has, and the way we interact with this interface to evolve over time. How soon before we can reach out a hand, grab one of those panels, and drag it across the screen?

I think it's coming. Maybe not this release, or a year from now, but I think that once the Kinect gets a chance to go from "we're just making sure it works" to a point where the system is finely tuned to subtle, natural gestures, we'll have something that is truly revolutionary.

I can't wait.

EDIT: Here's the link

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Can you link to that video?
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Sorry, just updated the post.
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No worries. Thanks for the link!
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Just watched it. Yeah, it's definitely going to need some polish before it's really ready for primetime. Unfortunately, I don't think it will receive much of that before launch or for quite a while afterwards.

There shouldn't be confusion about how to do what you want. You should be able to just know based on what's presented to you.
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It has promise, but I think it can be a cool addition to the Xbox 360
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that did not look promising at all... I really thought they would be a lot further along than that.... it was tracking every motion, but it also tracked stuff that had nothing to do with controlling the interface or app....

we might need to wait quite a while until this works right.....
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