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April 1st 2012 2:06 pm

So I used the Nokia Lumia 900 for awhile today. Anyone have questions about the device?

I walked into my AT&T store today and asked the salespeople to try it, and they handed me one of their personal L900's that they're testing before the launch. They let me use it for a good 20-30 minutes, so if anyone has questions about the device I'll do my best to answer them!

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The black version they've been showing off looks damn classy. The bigger screen, bigger battery, and front facing camera that the Lumia 800 didn't have, are some nice upgrades.

How did it feel? Have you played with the 800 (if so, how did it compare)? Is it enough for you to jump ship from whatever your currently using?

For those looking to compare the specs: gdgt.com­/compare­/cellphones­/71672­+70500­+70778/
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It felt great! This design that originated (I think) with the N9 is just amazing. The curves of the device and the material the body is made out of feels very nice in the hand.

I have not used an 800 myself, but I have seen one in person, and the 900 is a lot bigger (although not as much as some people are making it out to be). It was just bigger than my hand, and for the most part I was able to use it one handed. I found it to be the perfect size, but I think that depends on the person though. For comparison, I took a friend's Galaxy Nexus and put them side by side. The GN was just barely a bit thinner than the 900, other than that they were very close. Weight wise, the 900 felt a bit heavier than the GN, but it definitely wasn't too heavy.

As far as actual user experience goes, it was VERY snappy. 4G performance was also pretty impressive, although I did not have a chance to check what speeds I was actually getting, unfortunately. I read a post a few days ago about visual voicemail coming to the 900, and that's definitely correct. Visual voicemail was definitely on the device, and they were really pushing that it was there. (If that matters to you).

Oh, and as far as the screen goes, it looked amazing. I have no idea where people are getting that it looks blurry. Although it is using a 800x480 display, the blacks were black and the colors of the tiles really popped. Perhaps compared side by side with a retina display it would look blurrier, but I think most people will find it adequate.

Considering that I'm currently using a prepaid dumbphone since I can't afford a contract atm, yes it absolutely is at the top of my list as far as smartphones go right now. Windows Phone as a whole is severely underestimated, in my opinion.

Hope that helps!
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I got to use one yesterday, and like you, I didn't see any problem with the screen at all. 480x800 is still fairly dense at 4.3". I think people just get it in their head that anything sub "retina" is blurry. The 900's screen is more dense than a standard 23" 1080p monitor, which I think is already pretty crisp. Compared to my Samsung Focuses Super AMOLED+, by the way, the blacks where just as deep, and the image was just as crisp and vibrant.

EDIT: Did the math, it's got a 216 DPI display, compared to the iPhone 4's 329 DPI, and a 23" 1080p monitor at 95. I think that's a good frame of reference. It's over twice as dense as a 1080p monitor, and 2/3 as dense as an iPhone 4. Not bad if you ask me.
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