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September 12th 2012 2:50 pm

so, iPhone 5 finally here.. are you satisfied? or did you expect more?

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Yes i am so satisfied, cuz i have been patient since 2009 (coming from a 3GS)
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Upgrading from a 3GS will be mind blowing I'm sure.
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(customer from day dot)
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Mostly satisfied. I was hoping for a better camera but they basically just spent time making it smaller and scratch resistant. Also disappointed there's no stand-up dock or, even better, wireless charging. I was expecting more from iOS 6 though =/
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Honestly. I expected some BANG feature that you can't do on a 4S. So slight;y disappointed there. Overall though, still satisfied that its enough of an upgrade from my 4 to go ahead and pre order it.
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You know my initial stance. Whoops, thought a friend put this here... Anyway, my opinion as below still stands! :)

But having read Ryan's post on why it is still the best thing out there, the reviews now popping up and the speed bumps which were benchmarked I must say I'm changing my opinion on getting one or not. Still on the fence a little since I'm so satisfied with my 4S with a fresh new iOS version on it.

But seeing how smoothly iOS 6 works on my 4S and knowing the 5 will have a x2 speed increase, plus being thinner and lighter, I might want to upgrade. Plus, you know, I love gadgets. So getting a shiny new one each year doesn't hurt me (only my wallet!)

What is your stance on this? I'm just waiting for more reviews to trickle in but right now, things are looking very good.
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I am still in the so-so range. I had the iPhone 4 before and I do notice that it's a pretty good jump over the 4, but not the 4S. I'm still fuming about them taking the Siri app down when I was an avid user on the iP4. I was slightly disappointed with the design, given that Samsung is good at stealing them and I know Apple has their hands on an even faster processor.

I was expecting a little more from the design. Brushed aluminum maybe? After all the leaks, I wasn't going to buy the phone. But after reviews and actually playing with the S3 and Nexus. I was not impressed. For one, I was in the fraking store and the S3 crashed on me twice while playing with it. I wasn't even tasking it too hard. It did not feel as good in my hands like I imagined it would. I'm surrounded by them at work and all I hear now are complaints about the phone. But when I got the Ip5, everyone's phone is better than mine. Sorry for the side rant. Given that, the S4 will probably be a beast with Jellybean and so will the Nexus.

After playing with the iP5, I purchased it. Sorry to say this, but it makes me IP4 feel like a brick. I am a little mad cause they were sold out of black 64 GB IP5's, so I had to get the white one. The Apple store guy called it a unicorn. But so far, everything is been good. The battery life is lasting about the same as my 4. With heavy usage with the exception of iFunny and Grabutron; my phone has about 40-50% remaining when I get home. Those apps suck battery.

LTE is blazing fast. Out runs my wifi. Apple maps has not gotten me lost yet - it actually corrected itself when going the wrong direction the other day and I haven't had any issues ever since. Getting the right businesses has been a problem though if you're just searching in the finder window. But if you slightly know the address - not an issue. Not as fast with the "correct" pins as Gmaps, but as long as you're not looking for AT&T stores, you should be fine. Only time I had an issue, kept giving me disconnected phone numbers.

So I originally didn't like the design, but it's growing on me on how fast things are with this phone. Oh.. As a warning to customers in GA. Do not get the Sprint version. My fam just returned 3 Iphone 5's just to get off of that service. You will be utterly disappointed.
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Have you guys seen that they are making three different versions of the
iPhone 5? What are your thoughts on this? You can check out the article
about it here: newsbit.us­/iphone5
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Apple is going to loose big time on this. But for the screen size, nothing is innovative about it that is noteworthy.
Thus, Apple will likely be a prey to Android innovations and hardware variety.
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Every year, ppl say the same thing. The iPhone has not changed much, nothing innovative, few new features.....

But, every year, the iPhone smash new records. Last year, the iPhone 4S only came with Siri, better processor and camera. But many people went wild and it still became the best selliing phone.
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Well Siri was a big deal though. that one can argue was a game changer. I think the problem people have with this is the fact that there's a very few esthetic differences between 4 and 5. The difference between 3 and 4 was pretty significant and had software and features that you could only get with the new 4 and 4S. With the exception of the screen giving you an extra row of icons, I don't see anything that 4S users will miss out on if they don't upgrade.
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there is NOTHING special about this in todays market. The screen size is nice and i heard it is light, but some people like a bit of beef to their mobile device
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Yes, the galaxy S3 has more beef but very few game/ apps support its raw power.

The only reason it needs more power is that it has the bloatware touchwiz on top of Android. Android is also made for many phones and not customised for Galaxy S3 perfectly. There is very few infinity blade like graphics games, and even if there are, AAA games are released several months later.

Even until now, the galaxy S3 is also not running the latest OS Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), despite being released just 1 month before the jelly bean release. I wonder how long do its users have to wait. They can forget about Android 5.0. The iPhone 3GS, despite being released 36 months will receive the latest ios 6.0.

The other point is , can the Galaxy S3 or other android phones compare to the build of the iPhone?

By a Frustrated Android User
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