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So still no sign of it on this side of the pond, but how is this thing peterto?

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This is the first model that they're actually selling, the others are slowly trickling out to retailers. I, believe, you can get the R.A.T. 5, which is a lower-end less customizable version, at some retailers now. The other two, the R.A.T. 3, which is lowest end and the R.A.T. 9, which is the wireless version of the R.A.T. 7.

I just got this yesterday, a month after I ordered it, orders started to ship the first week of July, which I missed. I've been waiting for this mouse for months, ever since it was announced at CES in January, so my expectations were high.

I actually really like the mouse. It's extremely customizable. I wasn't too comfortable with the initial configuration of it came with. The mouse, even without weights, is heavier than your typical mouse to the point where your average person wouldn't need any weights in this thing at all. You can adjust most aspects of the mouse, which include the angle of the thumb rest, the length/texture (which include two) of the palm rests, and even the pinky rest to eliminate the ever bothersome pinky-drag when in some intense firefights.

It took me some time to get used to how to hold the mouse as well, since it's a bit wider than the Logitech G5, which is my current daily, and heavier. I'm mainly a wrist-centric gamer rather than an elbow-pusher and because of the weight and size of the mouse I had to adjust my play to a little bit of both.

I haven't used the software yet, but I heard there's a lot of problems with it, so I'm just staying with the stock configuration of the buttons, but that takes the customization away from the buttons. The default buttons work well enough for me though, I can adjust DPI sensitivity and use the back and forward thumb buttons to my liking. There is also a thumb scroll, which might change my mind about installing the software, since I feel it's in an awesome place for navigation.

The cord is nylon-wrapped, which is like the G5, which makes me happy, since it's infinitely more durable. The teflon feet, of which there are plenty, makes this mouse fly and extremely responsive to the slightest of movements.

Build quality-wise, it's pretty amazing. Mad Catz definitely stepped up their game on this thing. It has a soft rubberized feel to it not unlike the backs HTC phones. It feels tankish, but not quite unbreakable. Also note that people have complained of tracking issues, so far I haven't experience that on this mouse.

It's a really nice mouse, but it's definitely not perfect. I feel that it's still a bit too wide (if the angle of the thumb rest were adjustable it'd solve this) and too heavy (the base if made of metal afterall) and it's not really made to be lifted from any surface easily. The pinky rest also doesn't have teflon feet, so that part could wear out fairly quickly when pressing down too heavily. The palm rest rides too high as well and I could only use it when it was shortest configuration.

I think I'll still be using my G5 as my main mouse, but this is a pretty nice mouse if you can deal with the problems it has and it looks pretty awesome. The first time someone stopped by my desk when I opened it up in the office, I was greeted with ooos and ahhs, with people dubbing this the transformer mouse.
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I would also like to add, even with the things that I see are wrong with the mouse, I love this mouse for gaming. With the high sensitivity, easy on the fly DPI switching, weight and teflon feet, it makes for easy and precise maneuvering in a small desk area, but I'm not a big fan of this for general computing as it's hard to move around the entire desktop with such a heavy mouse, since you need wider movements, which would mean moving the mouse a lot more for that.
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Hmmm. I'm pretty happy with the G9X for gaming-only, but that gives me fingerache when I use it as a 'daily'. I was hoping the scope of adjustability of the RAT might be a good plus, but if you say it's fairly large to start with, then like the Cyborg before it there might actually offer fairly limited scope for real customisation.

Over time I'm become an 'un-fan' of wireless mice since I tend to flit from PC to PC and so it's not always charged - and I have to hunt for a charged mouse + receiver or a wired set.

Think I'm better off going for the Imperator as an 'everyday'?
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Wired is always the way to go, no matter what anyone says.

I've never used an Imperator, but in general, I think Razer mice aren't that great. They're not comfortable to use for me, a combination of weight (way too light), size (they're usually too narrow) and feet texture (not smooth enough) throw it off for me.

I'm thinking of picking up a vertical mouse as I hear they're really comfortable, though on the ugly side.
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Hmmm. Perhaps I'll have to pick up both as I suspected. While I also share the 'wired or bust' I really liked the MX1000 - it seems I hit trouble since I decided to migrate away from that.
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Just to make a slight correction. You can adjust the angle of the thumb rest, but it doesn't get very narrow, but can go quite wide.
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So after a week of shooting things, pointing things and clicking on things, I'd have to say this mouse is pretty great. After getting used to the width and finally installing the software that runs this mouse, I can say I like it even more. There are other caveats though. The profile change button to the left of the left mouse clicker is really hard to hit and I've struggled to click it properly while in play to switch to one of the three profiles you set for all your custom macros and mouse buttons/clickers. Changing during an intense firefight is basically suicide. The scroll wheel is too high for my smaller hards.

The thumb scroll is really nice and you can customize it to anything you'd like including macros of all sorts. The precision aim button on the thumb side feels like cheating sometimes, but yeah, it's pretty satisfying to lower the DPI mid-snipe battle pick off the other guy the second before he's about to hit you. The smooth feet contribute a lot to this better aim as well. The DPI switching it also in a nice place, because of how much further back you have to hold the mouse, it gives you just enough room to hit the button to change it up or down accurately and comfortably.

The software is a bit clumsy though. I found myself not really knowing what I was configuring and the testing of commands is almost useless. It's better to just use the application you can to test your custom commands for. The Logitech SetPoint software is only slightly better though.
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