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November 30th 2013 1:34 pm

So the Blackberry Z10 is only $200 now, is it worth it ?

But is it worth it unlocked, no contract for $200 ? I have an older Galaxy SII on T-mobile that is starting to act weird and miss friends text messages, etc..

I am looking to change my smart phone, will the Z10 offer great experience to make me feel like I've upgraded ?

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If price is an issue, go for it. I'm using a Z10 myself and so far it's been great.
However if you're looking for the feeling of being upgraded, Blackberry World doesn't offer much options in terms of applications.
Else if you are ok with the lack of apps, wait for the Z30 if price is not of a big concern
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If you're looking for cheap but reliable phones, I'd suggest the Moto G. $179, starts shipping tomorrow. Nothing against the Blackberry, but I'd be worried about future support if I got a Z10. The Moto G, meanwhile, is a fantastic phone, and Motorola has shown their dedication of upgrade support through the Moto X.
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