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July 3rd 2010 10:44 am

So the fine developers working on the HTC Linux project have released a working port of Android for the HD2 over at XDA Developers.

It's pretty buggy right now: calling doesn't work, the microphone/speaker doesn't work, and it's prone to crashes. There's already two flavors available -- vanilla 2.1 and 2.1 with Sense UI from the Desire. The latter is bit more prone to slowdowns and crashes but I've tried using it with SMS-only with success.

Have you tried either of the ports yet? What are your thoughts?

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I've got a different port running on mine. I'm running Froyo 2.2 w/o sense. It works alright, but mobile data doesnt work along with bluetooth. While i can live without bluetooth, no mobile data is a deal breaker no matter how cool froyo is. I might try a different rom and see what happens.
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