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September 16th 2013 3:51 pm

So who out there is actually planning to buy this watch?

And were you already a Samsung phone user, or was it the Galaxy Gear itself that swayed you over?

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Ha okay. I guess this shouldn't be a shocker. By the looks of it, not too many -if any in here shelling out the cash on this gen one watch.

Do we go ahead and write it off as a Loser?
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Got it, love it (have reviewed it). I was already a Note 3 user but have been really pleasantly surprised by how good it is, after the reviews. I think that there may have been some upgrades (I've had one OTA update since owning mine) since those original reviews? I have it in rose gold which looks great and gets compliments from other people - and wearability has to be one of the key things in a watch after all...
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