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September 28th 2011 2:59 pm

So will you get some Fire, or will you wait?

Yesterday Ryan reported that a better Kindle Fire is slated to come out in Q1 2012. Here is his post:


I must admit that the Kindle Fire announced today looks more impressive than I anticipated. So what will you do? Is the current Kindle Fire good enough to end up in your holiday list this Christmas? Or will you wait until early next year to see what Amazon brings us then?

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I' will probably wait. Wasn't there a discussion yesterday about the second gen fire coming out in january?
I'll wait to get that.
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If i didn't buy a hp touchpad I would buy it in a heart beat. My concern is that their cloud powered surfing will chew ajax heavy pages like facebook and anything on the gawker network.
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$200 for that hardware alone is not a bad deal. I'll bet the Cyanogenmod guys have already gotten their hands on one and are working on porting "real Android" to it.
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I would really consider getting one but I probably won't since I don't really have the time to take advantage of the features of the Fire. Hopefully I'll have more time once I graduate in May! :D
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Probably not. I own an iPad, an iPhone and a Kindle. The only thing that I think I'd like from Amazon is an iOS app that allows me to stream my Amazon Prime videos on my iPad.
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That one is not likely to happen...especially now that they have a competing product.
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I don't think I'll get the Fire, I have an ipad 2 and a 7' Galaxy Tab and a Kindle that works fine. But I am very interested in finding out what people will do when their current e/ink Kindle gives up the ghost. I already leave the Kindle at home when I travel. If my Kindle and my Galaxy Tab broke, I don't know whether I would get another 7' tablet, maybe the fire, or a 79/99$ e/ink Kindle...

I preffer not to read on the iPad, except for illustrated work, but I read fine on the Tab.
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$199 is pretty tempting, but I'll wait for the supposed quad-core Kal-El/Hollywood Kindle tablet.
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I guess it depends on how invested you are in the Amazon ecosystem. If someone is a regular Amazon customer but hasn't bought any kind of tablet yet, the Fire might be a good buy. But if you get your media elsewhere, there isn't really any pressing reason to buy the first Kindle Fire.
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I see no reason to get any 7 inch device, the more since I got a 4.5 inch phone. Even my ipad is too small. Where are the 12 inchers?
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I can't see typing being any fun on a 12" tablet, it's already a little uncomfortable on a 10"
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I want to read, not type. Small e-readers still can't equal a newspaper
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This big enough for you. phandroid.com­/2011­/09­/21­/23­-inch­-homemade­-megapad­-...

I think that 12, 15 and 17 inch tablets are inevitable. But no one has made one yet.
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Price is pretty good, but 7 inches is pretty small and the memory is very limited. If I just want to read, then something like the touch would be better. If I want to surf, respond to emails, and watch video, then I am going to want something with more memory and probably a bigger screen. We will have to see what they come out with next year.
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I am totally getting one. The price point is AMAZING! It beats all other tablet devices out there. My only concern is the fact that I am heavily vested in the iTunes library, that I have a lot of digital copies that come free with my movies, will they be playable on my device, or will I just have to rely on the Amazon Cloud services and Amazon Video for my content to watch? Plus, can I import my already purchased iTunes content into the Amazon cloud?
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What is not protected can be uploaded to the Amazon Cloud Player. There is still some older content in iTunes that is not protected or that you would have to pay for again in iTunes Plus to unprotect. That´s concerning music, videos are all protected, I think.
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All my music has been upgraded to iTunes Plus, so Video is the only question left. I assume since it is in .mp4 which is compatible with the Fire, but the DRM may be the only issue. We shall see, I pre-ordered!
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