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December 13th 2012 7:33 am

Some more software reviews are welcome

The software reviews on gdgt are very limited: only desktop & mobile operating systems get reviewed and scored like any hardware gadget on the site. The more I browse the site, the more I feel it only focuses on hardware.
There are lots of desktop software / applications that can be reviewed: ranging anywhere from security (anti-virus, etc.) to personalisation applications (like RocketDock and the likes).
I also feel like many software reviewing sites are broken: they take money from the companies to promote their products. You get that feeling especially when you look at the recommendations on TopTenReviews. If you can find more sites like CNET, it would be very appreciated.

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Possibly, but the name of the site is 'gdgt' or 'gadget' which sort of means hardware
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Thanks for the suggestion! We do currently review mobile apps for iOS and Android, in addition to operating systems. Desktop apps are definitely interesting, though I can't guarantee we'll add them. Stay tuned, and please keep the ideas coming!
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