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December 20th 2012 12:26 pm

Some Weird Observations

I was wanting to talk about some of the odd things about the Neo Geo X. I received mine on Tuesday (and I love it), but there are some weird things about it that add up to something maybe interesting, so:
  • Screen ratio doesn't match the original AES games.
  • Extra buttons, AES had 4, this has 8. The two L and R buttons are used to change screen ratio and pausing, but that seems odd that you would have to shoulder buttons for each.
  • When using the USB plug to plug it into a computer, there is 1 GB of storage that as far as I can tell is completely unused.
  • The SD card's are formatted weirdly (Ninja Masters only so far), I cannot get anything to read the data off them.
My theory is that the hardware was built to do more than just AES games and/or download games onto the internal storage (AES or new original games).

I would love to see an iFixIt style teardown and investigation of what's inside the unit.

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Yeah, the inclusion of 4 shoulder buttons is interesting... I suspect they put them there to allow for possible NEW games to be developed for the platform.
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I don't know if I'm really all that interested in new games, unless they're new SNK games in the style of the classics on the X, or just direct sequels.

I'm betting they might port some of the later SNK games that were on other platforms over, like the later Metal Slug and King of Fighters games.
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