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November 1st 2013 10:46 am

Sonos Reviews

Just wondering why the review of a speaker focuses on how it looks? It seems that the way devices look has become much more important to reviewers than their functionality. My belief is the reviewers need to do something quickly and won't/can't take the time to really use and learn the devices they're reviewing. So, the focus on the "look" and the ephemeral.
Are a device's looks important? Yes, and to some more than others, but in this case we're talking a rather pricey speaker. There should be much more focus on sound quality.

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That's a valid criticism. I think a reason this often comes up with speakers is that a lot of reviewers, and consumers, see them as an extension of their furniture. In the case of the Sonos system, they have been very consistent in their sound production so unless there is a significant issue with the system it wont be called out. For example, when the SUB was reviewed there was a lot more focus on the sound of the device because of it's general function.
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Fair enough, but for a device this small...it's kind of hard to call it furniture and the size really was what had me concerned about the sound quality. If a speaker this small could put out the same quality sound as the larger models why continue to sell the larger versions?
The "looks" issue goes further though as it has become almost the primary concern by the "blog" reviewers out there for tablets, laptops, phones, eReaders, TVs, etc. I'd much prefer if the reviews didn't come out the day of release and were written by people that took the time to learn and use the devices. Kind of like Consumer Reports, but by people that understand and utilize technology.
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