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Sony claims to have shipped 4.1 million PS Move units.

However, that is shipped, as opposed to sold. It's especially interesting, since I don't know a single person who has bought a PS Move. Have you played with one yet?

Via: venturebeat.com­/2010­/11­/30­/sony­-claims­-it­-has­-ship...

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I got a move, nunchuck and camera. Basicly after a bit of 'how does this work' messing about the only thing still used is the nunchuck. Because it makes a really good controller for the TVNZ onDemand TV Streaming (NZs very crappy version of hulu).

To be honest at this point I can't recommend purchasing one. I guess time will tell with the games that come out for it. RUSE was the most interesting thing to me thats used it so far, but not interesting enough to suggest other people pay for it.
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