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Sony is claiming this is "as powerful as the PS3.


If so, that's pretty awesome! I wonder if we'll finally see the possibility of cross platform gaming? It'd be kind of cool to play MW2 or something on the go against my friends who are at home. Granted, I guess it wouldn't be totally fair, since having a 42" television makes it MUCH EASIER to see things. Still, pretty interesting.

That said, I just absolutely cannot wait for Sony to re-release a bunch of PS3 games so we can all buy our gaming libraries all over again. I also wonder how much these games will cost. It seems like every new generation of console or portable gaming system that's come out, we've seen the price increase. Are we going to finally hit $50 - $60 games?

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Would be cool if you could hook it up to a TV and output at like 720p. Perhaps sync a Ps3 controller via bluetooth? If its as powerful as they say it is, id love to see this happen.

I hadn't thought about cross platform gaming. That would be great for casual stuff. Twitch movement games... not so much but then again we haven't seen any proper footage. I don't game much on my Ps3 but if i could play on my NGP with friends on Ps3, it would be fantastic.

And as for higher game prices... Not sure im ready for that. I can already get great games for pennies really on iOS and Android. That's kind of spoiled me. However, i can understand development costs would probably be higher. $30 is a sweet spot for me. Any higher is pushing it but if the quality is there i can accept it.
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