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Sony now allowing saving to the cloud for PSN Plus subscribers.

Alright, this is something that has been a long time coming -- saving your games in the cloud! This is especially helpful, considering if the HDD in your PS3 decides to die, you're basically screwed (unless you've been meticulous about backing up your saves). Hey, it happens:

Anyway, it looks like they are only rolling out this feature to PSN Plus subscribers. On one hand, I can understand it -- they need to recoup costs for storage, hosting, etc. On the other hand, boourns! Their service offers very little that I'd actually like to pay extra for. Another reason I don't want to pay for the service? They're being asshats right now: gdgt.com­/discuss­/sony­-just­-lost­-customer­-fan­-look­-...

Are you excited about this? And are you a PSN Plus subscriber? Do you feel it's worth it?

Via: www.engadget.com­/2011­/03­/09­/sony­-adds­-cloud­-storag...

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Damn, I could really use this feature, hate that it's PS+ only! I'm planning to get a second PS3 (currently own a 60GB model with a 320 GB HDD) for my department in Monterrey, and this is perfect for me, I could pick up my game where I left, wether I'm in north or southern Mexico!

And copying your savefiles to a flashdrive is not always possible, some files are locked.
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